Harbinger of Zeitgeist

Harbinger of Zeitgeist

by Sandi_HoZ

The Who

Target Markets

Who are you reaching with your marketing energies? Who are you trying to reach? If you haven’t gotten past single word catch-phrases like “Millennials” then we can help.

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The How

Targeted Content

You know your target market, you’ve even got a handful of personas developed… now what? We can help you translate that documentation into specific copy.

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The What

Editing & Production

You’ve recently clarified your target, but what about all your existing copy? We can help you review and revise your existing materials to capture all that’s still valuable.

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Who is HoZ?

We honed our skills in Communication Strategy with decades of advertising and marketing work with brands such as AT&T, SAP Concur, Holland America, Trident Seafoods, and Microsoft. We developed our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion by managing political activism groups, performance groups, and writing communities. Now we’re blending the two together to help you reach your target market, no matter where they are.

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