Target Markets

Target Markets

by Sandi_HoZ

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How did you determine your marketing and sales direction as you’ve grown your business? Did you start your business because you have an idea of something you personally wanted, so you simply talked to other people like you until enough of them bought it? Did you throw as much money as you could toward social media ads and then follow the leads provided from them? Are you not really entirely sure?

If your answer is anywhere near any of these possibilities, then your marketing strategy isn’t sustainable. Let us walk you through creating marketing personas – example character sketches of the types of people that make up your best marketing opportunities. These persona documents can be used to develop or refine the way your entire team talks about your products and services. Having this documentation can streamline your process for knowing when you’ve got the right voice for your website, emails, social media posts, or even what to say when a stranger asks, ‘so what do you do for a living?’.

Your business deserves to flourish, and it can with clear and concise marketing infrastructure. We can build that infrastructure with you through developing your target market(s).

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